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Sweat Free, Union Made, and/or Fair Trade Clothes
DeMoulin Brothers - unionized manufacturer, uniforms, formal men's wear.
Fuerza Unida - run by former Levi's workers, screened t-shirts, canvas bags.
Global Exchange's Fair Trade stores - clothing, accessories, crafts, jewelry, coffee, and chocolate.
Justice Clothing - unionized, sweatshop-free clothes.
Leather Coats Etc. - unionized.
No Sweat, the first international union-made brand, clothes, shoes.
Nueva Vida - a worker-owned co-op, t-shirts and camisoles.
Protexall - unionized, uniform manufacturing.
Union House - unionized, clothing.
Union Wear - unionized, clothing.
Union Jeans - unionized, denim shirts.
Fair Trade Federation
Union Mall
Just Garments
Bishopstron Trading Company - organic, fair-trade clothes.
Ethical Threads - wholesale t-shirts.
Gossypium - organic cotton, fair-trade.
Kuyichi - clothes.
Sweat X - clothes, site is under construction.
Shop Union Made
Shop union made at UNITE!
Responsible Shopper - union made, sweatfree.
Conscious Lifestyle - sweatshop-free links to men's/women's/kids' clothes, t-shirts, shoes, maternity, and more.
Sweatless Threads - a directory to sweatshop-free clothes.
Hug - fair-trade clothes.
The Earth Collection - uses their own inspectors for production.
American Apparel is also sweatshop free.
People Tree - fair trade, clothes.
Öko-Fair - fair trade, clothes.
Made in Dignity

July 31, 2006

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