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If people here are interested [Dec. 24th, 2007|10:33 am]
The Anti-Sweatshop Community


Inviting everyone to check out and consider volunteering creative talent for strike_support to benefit writers and non-union creative techs out of work due to the WGA strike. How it works is that people offer to make icons or sketches or write short fiction or poetry as a gift for someone in exchange for that person's donating to a fund to provide emergency help with rent, food, healthcare, etc for unemployed workers in the television industry.

I know many of you are incredibly talented with writing, poetry, music, graphic design, etc - and it's a good cause. Many people in the writing industry are not wealthy - they're 'starving artists' looking for a chance to survive while following their dream and working one or more dayjobs between gigs. And this is a creative, democratic, (discordian!) response to the whole situation.

Here's the community's information:

Everyone knows that the writers are out of jobs because they're on strike. It's what being on strike means, and it's a risk they decided to take.

But hundreds of other people are also out of jobs: actors, technicians, staff, crew. These people had no say in whether the writers went on strike or not. They didn't choose to lose their jobs.

Fans have done a lot to support the strike, so that it ends as quickly as possible. But that end is still far out of sight.

But there's a way that you can help now the people who need help the most. strike_support is a general fandom community dedicated to helping those affected by the strike, who don't have their union's funds to fall back on. We're doing this through two charities: The Actors' Fund, based in NYC, and The Motion Picture & Television Fund, based in LA. If you know another charity that supports "below the line" people, please contact esotaria

[User Picture]From: omshanti88
2007-12-24 09:02 pm (UTC)

support the other unions, not those who try to undercut them

the technicians and crews of the affected studios are, by and large, unionized by law. many actors are as well. our union, the international alliance of theatrical stage employees, has worked tirelessly for these contracts that prevent non-union freelancers from undercutting those who need a living wage and the benefits that the union provides. IATSE is standing in solidarity with the writers, but those employees who are affected by the strike principally because they're not in a union only serve to illustrate why ALL of the unions on these sets are important: the teamsters, who transport equipment, iron workers, who build the infrastructure of a set, electricians, carpenters, projectionists, and stagehands (our union), who operate lighting, sound, wardrobe, makeup, video, and camera equipment, and make sure that the actors can work safely in an ever-growing complex and dangerous environment. this was confirmed by the broadway actors' union, who issued a statement standing in solidarity with IATSE the first day of the theatre strike, noting that without the expertise of unionized stagehands, they could not work safely.

don't support non-unionized workers who aim to undercut our contracts and our livelihoods. support the union labor that makes it possible for the writers to work in the first place.
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[User Picture]From: ladycatherina
2007-12-26 07:14 pm (UTC)

Re: support the other unions, not those who try to undercut them

strike_support allows artists to choose which organizations the sale of their work will benefit - including the WGA's own fund for their members who are experiencing hardship as a result of the strike, as well as other union organizations. Our intent is to assist whomever needs the help, whether they are in a union or without the protection of one (maybe some people simply needed a job and could not find union work? My aunt was in that situation for awhile.) However, you and anyone else who chooses to join strike_support may certainly support WGA and other union members.
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