dot dot dot (tiger_brockbank) wrote in anti_sweatshops,
dot dot dot

New to community...where to shop on a budget?

Hello Everyone,

I just joined this community because I'm interested in learning more about how I can shop with a conscience. Normally, I shop at thrift stores and yard sales for my clothes, but I'm in a time crunch and need new clothes for a new job.

I know that shopping at the mall or big box stores is less than ideal, but can anyone recommend stores (not online) that have a better track record of treating workers fairly? I've heard the Gap cleaned up its act, is this true? Basically I need stores that I can hit up today for my shopping (I live in Gainesville, FL, if this helps.)

Further, can you recommend online retailers for my future purchases that are sweat-shop free that you typically purchase from? I see the ones listed on the LJ page, so any info on what you like/dislike would be great! I can't afford most of the retailers, unfortunately, so can anyone recommend a student-budget retailer?

Thanks in advance!
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