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Action: USASers Fasting for DSP! [Nov. 27th, 2006|10:43 am]
The Anti-Sweatshop Community


Purdue students are fasting to get their school to sign on to the Designated Suppliers Program (DSP).
The DSP is the culmination of over a decade of student-labor solidarity activism and we've got to get it off the ground now!
While this is a struggle at Purdue, the fight is really an international one, and Purdue and other schools are at the frontlines of the next, major advance for our movement.
Last week, many of us gorged ourselves to show Thanks. This week, lets take this step to show real thanks for those workers and students who are changing the world.

1. Check out: www.purduehungerstrike.org
2. Organize a solidarity hunger strike and let them know
3. Contact Purdue Admin.

Below is a message from one of the fasting students, please help out in any way you can.

Read this. It’s important. I’m hungry.

As many of you know Purdue is in the midst of a hunger strike for DSP adoption. It started 10 days ago and people have been continuously joining in. Right now, we’re at 15 participants. It’s getting pretty big and serious here, so time to roll out the national announcements:

1. www.purduehungerstrike.org

The website is a one-stop shop for information on the strike and the campaign at Purdue. We’re going to be updating it many times a day with fancy things like video, so check it early and check it often!

2. What can I do to help??

Lots!! Take a gander at the list below:

- Organize a day-long solidarity fast with your local group: It’s a good action for a local group, helps spotlight the sweatshop issue on your campus and helps bring us closer to getting national media about the campaign. So far a number of schools are going to be doing solidarity fasts and the more the merrier. Email mark@usasnet.org and we can start planning.

- Fast a day yourself and write us: If you’re able to, fast a day and email us at purdue_ole@yahoo.com. We’ll pass along your name and the time you’ve fasted to our President, plus you’ll be put on the list of participants on the webpage.

- Sign the online petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/nosweat/petition.html - We’d like to get ~2000 signatures on this thing so sign and get your friends to do so. Next week we’ll be presenting all of the real and electronic signatures we’ve accumulated.

- Join the facebook group: http://purdue.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2220276342 For you facebook users out there, please join the group and invite everyone that you know! Updates and things you can do will be periodically sent along.

- Spread the word: Let as many people as you can know about this, in whatever creative ways you can think of.

- Send words of support: Hearing from USAS people is always a big morale booster, so please write to purdue_ole@yahoo.com

If anyone would like to contact us about the strike or anything else feel free to send an email to purdue_ole@yahoo.com, or respond to any of the emails that get sent out. Thanks for your support everyone.

‘til we win,


[User Picture]From: trbulnt_spnstr
2006-11-27 06:16 pm (UTC)
You should definitely have over 2000 signatures. We did a petition at my school of 3000 students and we got 2000 signatures in 3 days. Good luck!!!
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-12-04 09:02 pm (UTC)


It's Purduehungerstrike.org not perdue. Please make the change in the website.
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